Our history

Over 50 years of italian experience and professionalism

Staying true to our values in a changing world

Founded in 1964 as a result of the strategic foresight of Gianni Tonelli, today Sati Group spa has grown considerably, thanks to the guidance of son Riccardo and daughter Silvia Tonelli, who carry the company tradition with professionalism, innovation and enthusiasm.


We would like to describe you the history of our company:

Gianni Tonelli founds the firm “Fratelli Tonelli” in January 1964



1971: The first premises are opened at Castel Maggiore (BO)


1990: Gianni Tonelli, son Riccardo and daughter Silvia set up Sati Trading1990_immagine-x-contenuti


1992: The new brands Eurosheet, Uniport, Eurocord and Cordplast are created and the company expands its horizons establishing new partnerships on a global level.1992_immagine-x-contenuti


1995: Stock is substantially increased and the first conveyor belt processing plant is built1995_immagine-x-contenuti


2006: Thanks to the firm’s exponential growth the warehouse is enlarged, new processing departments are opened and exports begin to increase rapidly2006_immagine-x-contenuti


2014: To mark the firm’s 50th anniversary, the headquarters are expanded and a new production division is built. The firm takes the name Sati Group2014_immagine-x-contenuti


2017: In the Bologna headquarter is officially inaugurated the new production unit of the Univertical sidewalls and cleats conveying system. The production plant is equipped with innovative and made in Italy machines2017_immagine-x-contenuti

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