Industrial rubber and PVC products

When it comes to industrial hoses, the Sati Group range is almost infinite. Our 30.000 mq allows us to always have more than 100 different types of hoses ready in stock, suitable for any need. Whether our rubber hoses or our extremely flexible and light PVC hoses, there is a guarantee of quality and excellent sealing and we have the ability to respond to even the most particular requests and, for minimum quantities, it is possible to make personalized markings or special products.

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Magazzino Tubi 5

Satigroup: A hose for every need

Hoses suitable for the passage of water and inert fluids, gardening hoses suitable for the passage of herbicides or as an accompaniment to spraying machines, compressed air hoses as an accompaniment to compressors, hoses for the passage of oils and fuels: unleaded petrol, eco diesel, adblue etc…but also hoses for hot water and steam, suitable for the pressurized delivery of air or the conduction of gas or steam. We also have a line of tubes for the passage of different types of food products, tubes for the passage of abrasive materials such as sand, powders, plaster or gravel and tubes for gas and welding, for the conduction of oxygen/propane in welding equipment. Finally, we have a line of protective sheaths and spirals in different materials.

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