Driven by passion, knowledge and intuition, forming close ties with our customers and production partners, has enabled us to take a new challenge, introducing on the market a high quality product made in the heart of Italy.

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A SATI production

A production born from passion

Each nation has its own distinctive brand, Made in Italy has always expressed the excellence of creativity and craftsmanship.
Today, as never before, the success of Made in Italy is inextricably linked to the ability to generate quality products and to keep its image high abroad.
Not possessing a leadership in the technological and research fields like other countries, it is easy to wonder where, in Italy, the capacity to generate new and high quality products resides. The answer is to be found in the most important intangible asset we have: human capital nourished by that immense cultural reserve which is our true wealth. It is precisely on these assets that our Sativertical® production is based.
In fact, all our belts for transporting vertical or steeply inclined material follow a production process aimed at complying with the standards required by the market: edges and cleats are designed and created exclusively in the warehouses of our headquarters in Bologna and one technical and qualified staff is exclusively dedicated to the project to guarantee the customer a high quality customized product.

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SATI Group 2017
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SATI Group 2017

Hot vulcanization

The only system capable of quaranteeing durability and adhesion.
The SATIVERTICAL edge and cleats elevator belt is joined, in all its components, by hot vulcanization. This process was chosen as it guarantees the best performance of the SATVERTICAL tape. The adhesion we obtain with this type of technique can be more than doubled compared to a cold vulcanization, even exceeding 12N/mm. The SATIVERTICAL tape will be able to work without being affected in difficult conditions, at high temperatures, in the cold and exposed to climatic effects. The materials used are adequately rasped and prepared to favor the attack. The surface of the belt is worked only where the edges and cleats will later be applied, leaving the rest of the surface of the belt smooth, facilitating future cleaning. The application plant online, checked electronically, ensures repeated and constant work. The UNIVERTICAL tape is like this, the result of a high quality and technically advanced production cycle.

The production department

We have collaborated
with industry specialists to develop the Univertical tape.
Passion and experience combined with completely innovative
technologies specially created
only for us, have allowed the creation of a highly efficient and effective production department.

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All products

Our rubber conveyor belt Divison offers a wide range of conveyor belts suitable for different uses and services and includes, within it, both an extra application unit that allows you to create customized belts according to needs, and the production of our own edge tape and Sativertical cups.

The Sati Group Sheet Division combines both the range of compact rubber sheets, Satisheets and the expanded rubber sheets of our internal production Satifoam.

The hoses Division signed by Sati Group offers a very wide range of Satihose industrial rubber and PVC hoses, Satiblock clamps and hose clamps for each product sector with a particular focus on the nautical sector with our Satihose Marine line