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Uniflex – Monoply belt UNIPORT® Special Belts

The Uniflex is all around solution with many advantages: tear and rip resistance, high adhesion between the components, excellent flexibility, less weight...

Uniglass – nastro antiabrasivo UNIPORT® Cut and abrasion resistant belts

For glass, REA/FGD gypsum, metal scraps, or other highly abrasive material

Unisteel – nastro steelcord UNIPORT® Steel cord belts

Area of operation: long distance and high speeds long conveyor belts for and mines, tunnels, ports, power plants, etc.

Uniaramid – nastro con trama in kevlar UNIPORT® Special Belts

long range conveyors, pipe belts, tape feeders, elevators

Unifleximat – nastro con maglia Fleximat IW – SW UNIPORT® Elevator belts

power belts, belts subject to tears and stresses, high load elevators, thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, foundries, etc.

Unipipe – nastro tubolare UNIPORT® Special Belts

areas where the load must not disperse (outdoor environments, conveyors that cross rivers, roads, etc.)

L/AP dust sealing cloth EUROSHEET® Accessory sheets for conveyor belts

Recommended for dust abatement on screeners, conveyor belts, loaders and chutes.

L/NR Abratex with bonding layer EUROSHEET® Rubber sheets

Commonly used as a coating on metal drums in the conveyor belt sector or to protect metal surfaces.

Barre anti_evidenza
Unimpact – barre anti impatto UNIPORT® Service materials for conveyor belts

In the loading area the belt is subjected to impacts that can harm the covers and the plies.

Pezze UNIPORT® Service materials for conveyor belts

To quickly restart your conveyor, repair cuts and holes use our repair patches with or without ply reinforcment.

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