Satiblock: Hose clamps and collars

Each hose requires its own clamp or collar and, to guarantee our customers the most complete supply as possible, we have an entire line dedicated to clamping systems in stock. Clamps, collars, petrol collars, clamps with SAE T-type internal rings, clamps with F-type internal ring, wrinkle-free pinchable clamps, double-wire spring clamps, double-wire screw clamps, spiral jump clamps, rubberized collars and much more.

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Different types, different applications

Depending on the application and the required tightness, we have different types of clamping materials. Stainless steel clamps that guarantee an excellent seal, very high performance collars in AISI 430 or AISI 304 or AISI 316 stainless steel for large diameter hoses, galvanized steel collars of reduced diameter/ thickness, clamps dedicated to application on sleeves subject to expansion or clamps suitable for cooling circuits, clamps ideal for applications on petrol lines.