Conveyor belt processing

One of our strengths is the possibility of carrying out special Tailor-made processes by personalizing the products in accordance with the customers needs.

Satibelt Tailor Line

The Tailor Satibelt line of conveyor belts was born with this intention: 100% customized made in Italy products!

Perforated belts with drawings, belts with polition strips, magnetic separators and belts for sandblasters are just some examples of what we can create.

Take a closer look at our line!

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Hot and cold joints

The staff in our area for extra applications is specialized in the sealing and hot and cold applications of conveyor belts.

Application of mechanical fasteners

In the field of installations, replacements and repairs of conveyor belts, the increasingly coveted objective is the optimization of times and costs in the intervention phrase. For this reason we have a highly specialized staff, which is able to perfectly apply any type of mechanical joint to your conveyor belts.

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Official Flexco distributors

In order to develop constantly new solutions to guarantee high-performance and quality products, we have decided to rely on a leading international partner in design and in developing products and services that improve the punctuality, productivity and safety of rubber conveyor belts.

Drum coating

We are able to carry out drum coatings in the cold state with diverse types of plates, depending on the requirements.

Take a look at the range of our sheets for drums coating!

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Belt cutting and trimming

In the heart of our conveyor belt department we can cut and trim any type of belt to size according to the requests of our customers.