Rubber conveyor belts from Sati Group: the characteristics

We boast a complete stock of rubber conveyor belts which are suitable for transporting the most varied materials and suitable for any type of slope. Anti-abrasive belts for the transport of various inert materials, Anti-oil belts suitable for the transport of oily or greasy materials, Anti-heat belts suitable for the transport of hot material and extremely resistant to high temperatures, Anti-flame belts suitable for work environments with high risk of fire, Anti-cut belts equipped with transversal metal inserts that make them resistant to cuts, Sliding belts to guarantee the transport of materials without the slightest friction, Food belts made of completely non-toxic rubber and Chevron belts with various designs ideal for the transport of materials at different slopes.

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Applications and sector of use

Our conveyor belts can cover a wide variety of sectors: anti-abrasive and/or oil-resistant belts, for example, are ideal for recycling and waste disposal plants; our heat-resistant belts are perfectly suited for foundries, cement factories, steel mills, etc. We instead recommend elevator belts for situations where vertical transport is necessary such as ports, storage areas but also steel mills. Finally, we also have specific belts for the agricultural sector, suitable for round balers and slatted belts that can be used wherever transport on slopes is necessary or there are space problems.

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Customized conveyor belts

In addition to the standard belts which are always present in stock, we can also supply customized products according to requests. In fact, we have an internal production department that allows us to apply guides and strips through hot vulcanization, guaranteeing superior quality of the belts. Our technicians are always available to find the most suitable technical-commercial solution.