Sheet processing

Also for our Sheet Division we have an internal cutting and extra application department that is always active, which guarantees customized and precise machining according to requests.


We can adhesive any type of sheet in strips, plates, design details and for any type of material such as NBR, SBR, NR, CR etc…even the most difficult materials such as silicone and EPDM!

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Sheet cutting

Our sheet cutting department can carry out various types of processing such as: longitudinal cutting, transversal cutting, creation of design details by die-cutting or water jet.

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Sheets with talc

We can supply the talc slab upon requests in order to help our customers during cutting operations and prevent the material from sticking

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Expanded profiles

The foam rubber Satifoam is made with state-of-the-art plants designed and manufactured to process a wide variety of materials and produce different formats, adhesive and non-adhesive. A staff dedicated to the new department is able to efficiently and effectively manage requests for each request. In particular we can produce our Flappy rubber profiles foam in different thicknesses, also individually packaged.

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