Satisheet: rubber sheeting and mats

We have one of the largest stocks of rubber sheets and mats in Europe. Thanks to the wide choice of types available we have slabs for all uses and sectors. Standard rubbers suitable for common uses, exceptionally resistant premium rubbers but also high-quality natural para rubber sheets and rubber mats with different designs for general uses. We also have sheets that comply with very specific standards such as dielectric sheets or insulating rubbers and food sheets that comply with the FDA list 177.2600 and ministerial decrees 174 of 6/4/2004 and 21/3/1973.

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Satisheet: Customized work for our customers

We can supply our sheets in standard rolls but also with special heights, lengths and compounds. We can also supply our rubbers powered or cut to size longitudinally, transversely or by die-cutting or water jet cutting. Our internal processing department is able to adhesive any type of sheets, including silicone.