Hose processing



Hose cutting and kit creation

We can supply hoses cut to size but also create real kits labeling them according to your requests to facilitate and simplify the subsequent assembly work.

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Creazione Kit
Creazione Kit2


We also have a spooling service on some particular tubes and for some diameters. Cristalbenz, Carbo LN, Carbo Eco, Trec Oil Carbo Eco TT, Carbomarine LN and Presscord Green Fuel are the main hoses on which we carry out this service but, depending on requests, we are also able to supply other types of hoses on reels.

Download the catalogue of our hoses!


We can also supply, upon request, hoses with personalized markings and special products made specifically on request of our customers.

Special production for customers
Personalizzazione tubi3