Unibreak – passo stretto grado X


Rubber conveyor belts


transport of sharp, uneven, recycled material, with a bad loading conditions


  • Description: To avoid or limit cuts and rips to the conveyor belt caused by edgy material, or badly loaded material on the conveyor, the core of the belt is protected by transversal metal wires inserted over the plies and a special rip and abrasion resistant top cover Y. This allows you to defend the heart of your belt and your work. These belts can work on classic diameters of drums. The UNIBREAK is produced in two versions: UNIBREAK - Diameter of the steel wire 1,35mm and pitch of 8,0 mm UNIBREAK F -Diameter of the steel wire 1,35mm and pitch of 3,0 mm The carcass of these conveyor belts is made of a composition of polyester fabrics E in warp and in weft polyamide P, resistant to atmospheric agents such as moisture. This structure ensures a high tensile strength in the longitudinal direction and a transverse high flexibility.


  • Min: -20 °C Max: 80 °C


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Special notes

Produced under DIN22102. Can be supplied in width max. of 2000mm and load of 3150N/mm.

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