Belts for transporting vertical or steeply inclined material


Designed for optimal flexibility and rebound, the UNIBOARD are produced with or without reinforcement plies and with a special rubber compound with high-elastic memory and excellent abrasion resistance. Our side walls are easy to work with.

These technical specifications combined with hot application to the base belt give great vertical stability to the whole as well as excellent lengthwise flexibility, also thanks to the sinusoidal geometry specifically designed in the higher part. This feature allows the sidewall to work excellently on the return part i.e. where the sidewall is strained by continuous friction on the return rollers, thus preventing breakdowns and bending. The sinusoidal geometry is such as to prevent the rollers from entering it.
Last but not least, the solid base makes the sidewall anchoring even safer and contributes to its longer service life. Furthermore, the base design allows the sidewall to be pressed down on both sides during application.


  • Types: Available types: - Standard anti-abrasive - Moderate anti-oil - HR1 heat resistant - HR2 heat resistant - Self-extinguishing


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Steel mills

Steel mills

We have a line dedicated to the steel industry with special strips and tubes, resistant to high temperatures.


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