EUROCORD® Spiral protection pvc hoses

protech sil

It is used to insulate steam tracer lines in oil refineries, as thermal and electrical insulation for the wire and cable industry, in glass manufacturing, for covering tines in metal refining, foundries and steel mills, and wherever else a high temperature barrier might be required.

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Description:Protech/SIL is a braided sleeving which is manufactured from E-fiberglass yarn. It is used in demanding environments where temperatures reach up to 1000 degrees F (538 degrees C.). Due to is unique construction, wall thickness at a nominal weight increase thereby providing better insulation against heat.
Reinforcement:fiber glass
Temperatures +260°C/ +500°F
Packaging -
Special notes

NORMS: R.I.N.A approved according to ISO 15540:199(E) and ISO 15541-199 (E) – UL 1441 VW-1


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