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UNIPORT® Agriculture Belts


machines for baling hay bales

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Construction:The UNIROUND is made with a specially designed carcass and abrasive and tear resistant covers. Produced with a combination of textiles that ensure a transversal stability and a high longitudinal elasticity, the UNIROUND is an excellent solution for your baling machines and can be customized to your needs. A specially designed rough cover will offer great grip to your bale and his tear und cut resistant compound will protect the heart of your belt.
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Special notes

The UNIROUND belts can be provided in the necessary length and width.

Besides we can supply the belts: – open – joined with a hot splice – joined with a cold splice – joned with the mechanical fasteners

We can produce also other combinations of textle and cover types (example monoply) UNIROUND belts.

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