Multilist S6 – nastro multi listello

UNIPORT® Chevron conveyor belts

Multilist s6
multilist s62

movement of bags, wood chips, pending transport of any material, wherever you want to give extra grip to the transported material.

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Description:The surface, serrated over the entire width of the belt, offers excellent grip to the transported material. The form and height of the strip (6 mm) are such as to allow easy cleaning and it is also ideal for transporting dusty material. The very thick design allows the belt to be used even on bi-directional, reversible conveyors. It is a valid solution where the material, maybe in the presence of water, tends to slide on your belt. The MULTILIST can be produced in various classes, with covers according to your instructions: N, Y, X, W, OIL, CALOR, K, etc. Furthermore, it can also be produced in the creeping version.
Temperatures Min: -20 °C Max: 80 °C
Packaging -
multilist_immagine a supporto
Special notes

Produced under DIN22102. Can be supplied in width max. of 2000mm.

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