Unilist – S17

UNIPORT® Chevron conveyor belts

Unilist S17 l285
Unilist S17_l425

recycling, waste disposal, mobile screens, mines, cement, agriculture, compact plants, etc…

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Description:Wherever it is necessary, for reasons of height or space, the chevron conveyor belt UNILIST will help you conveying your load over angles of 22 ° *. The wide range of cleats of 15mm, 17mm, 25mm, 30mm and 32mm widths and the variety of their widths will solve your problems.

These belts can be produced with or without the bottom cover (suitable for recycling facilities) or in different rubber covers: abrasion, oil resistant, heat resistant, etc.

To calculate the junctions always 1.00 m fees! The tape must always be loaded only on the part of the slatted surface.
Temperatures Min: -20 °C Max: 80 °C
Packaging -
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Special notes

*Produced under DIN22102. Can be supplied in width max. of 1800mm and load of 3150N/mm. Operating temperature -20°C + 80°C.

commerciale NUOVO ok

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