Uniel – nastro elevatore

UNIPORT® Elevator belts


silos, warehouses, ports, cement plants, power plants, foundries, steel mills, chemical and steel plants, etc..

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Description:Where a vertical transportation is needed, the elevator belt UNIEL is an excellent solution. The low elongation, the resistance of the fabric core simultaneously fulfill the function to support the tensile stress and the anchoring of the buckets that must contain the material. The covers can be abrasion resistant, oil resistant, flame retardant, etc., all suitable for your kind of work.

The carcass textile is polyester and polyamide in warp and weft in P, resistant to atmospheric agents, guarantees high tensile strength, ensuring a low elongation.

Temperatures Min: -20 °C Max: 80 °C
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Special notes

The belts are suitable for working in ATEX areas group 2 cat 3 zone G2/D22

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