Unifleximat – nastro con maglia Fleximat IW – SW

UNIPORT® Elevator belts


power belts, belts subject to tears and stresses, high load elevators, thermal power plants, fertilizer plants, foundries, etc.

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Description:UNIFLEXIMAT belts adopt the Fleximat® carcass consisting of longitudinal steel cables and one or two rows of transverse brassed cables. This special casing allows to have a product that is highly resistant to cutting, easy to wind onto drums, flexible and based on type IW or SW, low elongation (0,4% at 10% load rating). They can replace normal textile polyester/polyamide belts improving the performance of your plant and increasing its productivity and safety. The minimum required covers are 5+3 on traditional conveyors and 3+3 on elevators. The quality of the covers could be different: Y, X, W, K, OIL, etc., depending on your needs. The edges are logically protected.
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Special notes

Can be supplied in width max. of 2000mm and load of 3150N/mm

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