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UNIPORT® Sliding Belts


recycling, waste disposal, sorting lines, light productions read, wood process plants, airports, etc..

If the belt should run on a steel, flat surface, the transport could  have a more efficient cleaning, the sliding conveyor belt UNIFLAT which produces a minimal friction, will transport your material without any problem. The shimmed core provides a stable and flat running of your belt.

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Description:hey are available in two versions:

UNIFLAT: Y abrasion-resistant cover, for the conveying of materials without oil or grease

UNIFLAT OILPLUS: Oil-proof cover and skim to avoid swelling even from the bottom side, suitable for conveying oily materials, especially for the recycling plant and waste disposal, etc.
Temperatures Min: -20 °C Max: 80 °C
Packaging -
Special notes

*Produced under DIN22102. Can be supplied in width max. of 2400mm. 

**  the anti oil version is also available

commerciale NUOVO ok

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