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UNIPORT® Special Belts


areas where the load must not disperse (outdoor environments, conveyors that cross rivers, roads, etc.)

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Description:UNIPIPE will keep your cargo inside, up to the unloading area, leaving your work environment clean. Made with a core that is specially designed to ensure its stability, with special canvases, covers and foil suitable to withstand continuous bending, this belt will be able to deal with vertical and horizontal curves and movements, while maintaining the correct position and holding the material inside. The tubular belts can carry the material also on return. The covers of this belt may vary according to the needs of the transported material and the environment in which it operates: Y, X, W, OIL, K, K-OIL, etc. The core of the belt can be produced with polyester and polyamide or Kevlar canvases. The tubular belts are designed in accordance with the experience gained over the years, tested in the laboratory (forces, fatigue test, etc.) and then built specifically for your use. The following must be strictly avoided: structural collapse inwards that decreases the diameter, formation of elliptical shapes that lead to dimensional asymmetries, forces that are too high outwards causing the opening of the belt between the roller stations, excessive stiffness which increases the consumption of the plant, twisting of the belt with a change of the open position.
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Produced under DIN22102. Can be supplied in width max. of 2500 mm and load of 3150N/mm.

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