Uniaramid – nastro con trama in kevlar

UNIPORT® Special Belts

Uniramid 2

long range conveyors, pipe belts, tape feeders, elevators

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Description:The Kevlar used as fabric for conveyor belts has many advantages: it has very high work load, it absorbs shocks and cuts, is resistant to chemicals and fire retardant, as well as resisting corrosion. The belts of the UNIARAMID line use Kevlar of the Dupon, the industry leader. The covers, which must be at least 5mm on the upper cover and 3mm on the lower cover, can be adapted to your application: abrasion resistant, highly abrasion-resistant, oil resistant, flame retardant, heat resistant, etc. UNIARAMID belts are mono-ply belts, which should be hot- glued in the fingerjoint. They Are producible from class 500 up to class 4000. The coils can be 750m and up to 2100mm in width. Greater widths must be verified by our technical staff. The edges can be closed or open.
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