Multiface White FDA: the certified glue for quick repairs!

We have found a way to repair FDA certified white conveyor belts that are often mechanically damaged and could not be repaired with traditional methods.

Caulking gun with adaptor and with cartridge mit Kontrast

The problem

During a technical inspection at an important salt production plant, some Sati technicians found themselves faced with an important problem which was difficult to resolve: the white FDA-certified conveyor belts that were often mechanically damagedĀ  could not be repaired using traditional methods. In fact, the classic repair patches, in addition to having a very slow application time (not acceptable for the end customer who works 24 hours a day), are black in color and are not certified for food; as far as mechanical repairs were concerned, the main problem was the fear that some piece of metal would end up in the final product boxes.


The solution

For this reason Sati developed for the customer a white FDA certified version of the Multiface: in this way the end customer was able to repair their belts in exactly 1 hour from the mechanical accident, using a material aesthetically suited to their product and above all compliant with the required food regulations.

Starting again within an hour of the accident didn't seem possible to us and instead, with the FDA certified glue, our system no longer had any problems!