Multilayer Barrier System: The solution for the exhaust smells of your boats!

We have found a solution for the exhaust smells in the toilets of pleasure boats

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The problem

Many of our customers in the nautical sector complained that, in order to be able to contain the smells of the exhausts from the boats’ toilets, the only solution was to use rubber hoses with often very high costs.

The solution

To meet this need we have developed and identified a new anti-odour system for our PVC- hoses: the MULTILAYER BARRIER SYSTEM. The innovative internal compound and the special molecular structure prevent the spread of bad smells even in our PVC-hoses. A system tested through panel tests, an objective methodology capable of determining the odor concentration in the hoses. All our Sati Group hoses have shown very low odor concentrations and, in particular, our Sanisteel WC hose has shown odor levels almost equal to rubber hoses, allowing our customers to have a high performance hose and simultaneously reduce the costs of 40%.

The multilayer barrier system has allowed us to reduce odors and costs

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